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15+ years ago...

We started in a small community called Whitfield Town, Kingston, Jamaica.  Since then, we have been committed to the transformation of lives in our local community; that is wherever GOD allows us, we commit to serve. 

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We are committed to providing food, shelter and education to children who deserve to be loved and cared for, as well as to senior citizens in the communities we serve. We are committed to the building of character through grace to transform lives.  We are committed to life-changing, mind-transforming partnerships, that will empower those who thought it impossible.

We are committed to teaching others to "fish" through our remediation, and skills-based learning center, creating disciples, world changers.  ​We are committed to life transformation in our local communities through teaching the word of God.

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Gracehouse is always seeking God's guidance on how and where we operate.  This is an ongoing process, and we stand ready to respond in a time of need.  Today, Gracehouse serves in three countries: Haiti, Kenya, and Jamaica, tomorrow, it could more...

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