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15 Years Old


This year, Gracehouse celebrates 15 years of unwavering service to the communities and people it partners with. Throughout the years, GHW has feed thousands of meals, clothed many, and preached the word of God without fear or favor. To celebrate this milestone, Gracehouse desire is to further transform the lives of countless others through ongoing projects or begin a new one. Scroll the website to see what we were able to do with your help.

Hands Raised


Serving GOD is essential to our earthly survival and experience. It is what we were born to do. It is written, “the whole duty of man, is to Fear GOD and keep his commandments.”  Ecclesiastes 12:13. We believe in building “churches,” to promote our relationship with GOD through active worship and fellowship, thus eliminating hunger in spirit as much as we do in body. To do this, places of worship are established for the Body of Believers to gather, fellowship and study.

Kids in Church

Scholarship Fund

Gracehouse will offer 15 scholarships next school year launching The Gracehouse Scholarship Fund. Children in surrounding communities where GHW operates will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships. This is a mark of our commitment to education and child development.  Click to learn more

Kids in Church
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