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In commemoration of the 15th year anniversary of Gracehouse World Outreach Inc., the Founder, President, and CEO establishes The Gracehouse Scholarship Fund. It has long been the view of the Founder that education coupled with faith in GOD brings about the greatest transformation in any individual. This scholarship fund is geared toward assisting the most needy students each year that live in communities in which the organization operates.

Scholarship Fund

The Gracehouse Scholarship Fund is made possible through the generous donations of sponsors.


Applying for a scholarship takes a few simple steps.  All applicants must be truthful and abide by the rules of the program.  Failure to abide by the rules will result in your application being withdrawn and being banned from future scholarship awards.


Being awarded a scholarship does not guarantee additional scholarships.  Applicants MUST apply each year for funding through the scholarship fund.


The Scholarship Fund opens on August 1st and closes on August 15th. Recipients will receive confirmation of awards by the end of August. 


Recipients of scholarships will be informed of the amount they will receive from the scholarship fund. The award can be a minimum of US$50 to a maximum of US$100 or the recipient country’s equivalent.


Scholarship awards will be issued to recipients in mid-September


Who may not apply:

Children of staff, relatives of staff, of Gracehouse World Outreach Inc or any of its affiliate or subsidiaries.


How to apply:

  1. Be a citizen of one of the countries Gracehouse World Outreach Inc. operates: Haiti, Jamaica, and Kenya.

  2.  Lives within a 2-mile radius of the Gracehouse location.  

  3. Must provide evidence of school registration, acceptance, and cost of tuition.

  4. Submit a 1500-word essay describing why you should be helped by The Scholarship Fund.  Essay must be completed in English.  If written in native language, it must be accompanied by an English translation.

  5. Requirements MUST be submitted using the email address on this page:

  6. All applications MUST be received no later than August 15th.

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