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Petit Goave, Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  With a population of over 11+ million, this impoverished nation is on the brink of self-destruction because of: high corruption, high illiteracy, a very high poverty rate, lack of resources but more-so a lack of strong foreign economic and administrative support. Despite the unstable economy, sporadic riots and gang violence, the people remain resilient, loving and will work extremely hard to support themselves and their families.


Gracehouse World operates in Brigic, a little town in an area known as Petit Goave, some 4 hours’ drive from the capital Port-au-Prince.  Gracehouse serves the people of Haiti by supporting 45 children consistently through the Gracehouse KidzEat program; providing meals, teaching, and giving kids an opportunity to be just’; Gracehouse Sustainable Program, where we raise broiler chickens and sell them to the market to assist with our feeding program.  " We were not of the idea that a child should be eating mud laced with grace for food.  We could not bear the knowledge of children going to bed without food for days.  We could not rip from our minds the body of water that had cows, people washing, people catching water and people bathing all within 5 feet of each other, and this was in the middle of what was supposed to be a roadway."  Something had to be done, and we moved at the opportunity to do something about it...Gracehouse World Outreach KidzEat!  Sign up for our quarterly newsletter to stay informed and updated: Contact!

Photos of Gracehouse in Petit Goave & Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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