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Partnership creates miracles!

A child needs your love!


You can share God’s love with a precious child in the Caribbean and Africa by providing a life-changing opportunity to rise above the effects of extreme poverty, abuse, trauma, or abandonment.  Your support will allow these vulnerable children to heal, thrive and grow in a stable and loving group home environment.

For your ongoing support of $29 per month, you will receive:

·         Welcome Packet – contains a photo, brief biography of your child, and program information.

·         Letters from your child twice per year

·         Opportunity to write to your child.  They can’t wait to receive your letters.

·         Updated photo of your child each year


Your sacrificial monthly gift will provide:

·         Basic needs such as food, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and much more

·         Small home repairs

·         Birthday, Christmas, and other special event celebrations


List of our Life-giving Partners:

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